Title: Itchin' On A Photograph
Artist: Grouplove
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Itchin’ On A Photograph - Grouplove

Dylan O’Brien in The Maze Runner.

30 DAYS OF CBB (1/6)

wow okay so i’m gonna be doing unicornery​’s 30 days of comedy bang bang thing? BUT i’m gonna do five at a time so that it only lasts six days?? ok cool.

1) First episode you remember listening to?

i think it was episode #102, behind the music. i was watching tim & eric videos on youtube and that came up, so i watched the first five minutes before realising it wasn’t a video and closing the window. real good start.

2) Who or what got you into the show?

it was boredom originally, but then i quickly came to love it. like i said, i started with a tim episode. so after i finished that first one, i listened to all of his before working my way through other people i liked.

3) Do you listen every week or does it depend on the guests?

every week. i prioritise the guests i’m familiar with, though, so if i find things to catch up on or revisit, i’ll ignore the new episodes for a few weeks.

4) Most relatable Bob Ducca ailment?

CHRONIC SHAME DISORDER. or parallel parkinson’s disease.

5) Favorite PFT character?

how can you ask me this. i’d have to go with andrew lloyd webber because he’s just so ridiculous, or ice-t because he’s such a nerd. cake boss is a classic thooough.

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